Visual Poetry is a Singapore-based art gallery by Heng Artland Co that was founded to provide a platform for emerging and mid-career artists to introduce their work to like-minded art buyers.
In a crowded art world where there are so many different competing voices, Visual Poetry brings and celebrates good, and sometimes, understated art from artists to clients who see the value in hidden gems, the passion in each piece and the want to experience something different.


As art lovers ourselves, we deeply understand each artist is unique, and so is each client’s passion for collecting art. We provide an avenue to explore art, and to delve into nuances of different medium and styles. We see art as an aesthetic that needs to be understood so that they can be appreciated. We don’t see art for art’s sake.

Visual Poetry represents artists from Asia and beyond, specialising in modern oil, photography and mixed media.

Visual Poetry . By Heng Artland Co